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Yacht Registry

Yacht Registry

Gibraltar has a separate register for commercial and pleasure vessels – although there is no size limit for pleasure vessels – and offers a professional, efficient and user-friendly service to yacht owners.

Yachts registered in Gibraltar fly the Red Ensign faced with the armorial bearings of Gibraltar and as such are entitled to Royal Navy protection. In addition, because Gibraltar has independent tax status, VAT is not levied, so a company registered there does not have to pay VAT when buying a pleasure yacht, as long as the boat remains in Gibraltar. Gibraltar registered yachts with non-EU owners can apply for VAT-free temporary importation to sail in EU waters for up to six months per year.

Furthermore, thanks to Gibraltar's well-established legal and financial institutions, owners can have confidence in the maritime legal system, which follows English law. Over a dozen local companies specialise in ship registrations and maritime law.

For further information please visit www.gibraltarport.com or alternatively please contact the Gibraltar Yacht Registry.


Registry of Pleasure Yachts

1st Floor
The Arcade
30-38 Main Street
P.O. Box 848
 (350) 200 78343  (350) 200 77044

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