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Ship Registry

Ship Registry

The Gibraltar Ship Registry is a high quality – and rapidly expanding – Register. With more than 280 ocean-going vessels on the Register, amounting to over 1.6 million Gross Tonnes, nearly every type of commercial vessel is represented on the Gibraltar Registry.

This Red Ensign (Category 1) Register enjoys the support of Gibraltar’s first-rate legal and fiscal environment. It is the only Register of this group, other than the UK, which is a member state’s Register within the European Union, giving ship operators EU cabotage privileges. Ships registered in Gibraltar are also British ships and fly the Red Ensign – a symbol of safety, environmental protection, quality and high standards that is recognised throughout the world.


The experienced Registry staff is on hand in Gibraltar to make the process of registering a vessel and certifying crew members as straightforward as possible. There are four categories of registration currently available:

Ship Under Construction

The Gibraltar Ship Registry has a highly-trained and professional technical division, providing support on survey and audit services.

Many of Gibraltar’s legal firms specialise in maritime law and ship registration, offering expertise in matters ranging from finance and corporate structures, to surveying and maritime legislation. Gibraltar’s legal system is based on English common law, and broadly follows UK maritime legislation so that ship owners and mortgage lenders can have full confidence in contracts and the legal process.

For further information regarding Ship Registration in Gibraltar contact:

Gibraltar Ship Registry
Gibraltar Maritime Administration
Watergate House,
2/8 Casemates Square,
 (+ 350) 200 47771/ 50424   (+ 350) 200 47770
Registry Central Email: registry@gibmaritime.com
Survey / Audit Division: survey@gibmaritime.com
Maritime Administrator: info@gibmaritime.com

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