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Gibraltar's strategic location explains why, for centuries, the Rock has been used as a naval fortress and why so many battles have been fought over this tiny peninsula at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea.

Today, this same quirk of geography has allowed Gibraltar to become a maritime centre of excellence. Located at a crossroads of Mediterranean and Atlantic shipping lanes, Gibraltar is ideally placed to provide a wide range of services to vessels of all sizes and types.

Down the centuries, Gibraltar has been a place of fierce conflict as well as successful commerce. In ancient times the Rock was used by the Phoenicians, followed by the Carthaginians and the Romans. The Moors held sway from 711 until 1462 when Spain seized control. The Spanish ruled the Rock until 1704 when it was surrendered to Anglo-Dutch forces during the Spanish War of Succession. In 1713 Gibraltar was ceded to Great Britain under the Treaty of Utrecht and has remained British ever since.

The development of Gibraltar as a naval port was prompted in part by Lord Nelson. His flagship, 'Victory', was one of several warships repaired at the naval dockyard. The construction of dry docks took place between 1891 and 1906. The naval dockyard continued to be operated by the British Government until 1985 when it became a private concern. Today it is run by the independent company Cammell Laird (Gibraltar) Ltd.

Gibraltar is a bustling commercial centre. With over 80,000 vessels transiting the Strait of Gibraltar each year, the Rock has become a major bunkering station - the largest in the Mediterranean - and offers a wide range of other shipping services. The local airport is just a few minutes from the harbour, and experienced agents are on hand to obtain spare parts, supply provisions and effect crew changes.

For further information please visit www.gibraltarport.com
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