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The Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses (GFSB)

The Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses (GFSB)

The Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses is a campaigning pressure group, which exists to protect and promote the interest of all small businesses. Formed in 1996, GFSB is now the largest organisation representing the business sector in Gibraltar. Nearly 300 members give real strength to the voice of the local business people.

The GFSB is a non-profit organisation where funds are raised through member's subscriptions and donations. It is an independent body with no affiliations to any political party, and its main role is to maintain constant pressure at Government level to ensure that the voice of Small Business is heard.

The GFSB is a member of the European Small Business Alliance. This organisation was launched in November 1998 and Gibraltar was invited to join as a Founder Member, together with the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Austria, and France. As this organisation will work closely with the EU Commission in Brussels, the GFSB will have the unique opportunity to keep abreast of the working of the Commission and make our own representation through the board.

Our members enjoy the following benefits:

Free Legal Help Line
Discounts on legal and corporate services
Free Accountancy Help Line
Discounts on accountancy and audits
Free Insurance Help Line
Insurance products
Free Personal Help Line
Free Employment Help Line
Credit Management
Debt Recovery
Trading Service
Quality Assurance under the GFSB banner
Discounts on Hotel Accomodation in Gibraltar
Assistance with ISO 9000
FGSB Web Site and Internet Services
Free GFSB Newsletter

For further information please contact:

 (+ 350) 200 47722  (+ 350) 200 47733

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